Monday, June 23, 2008

Calendar for 2009 UPDATE

Hi Knitters....We are going to have ssssooooo much fun with the calendar this year. Some neat give-a-ways and some new packets from Peaches N Creme and nice opportunties for us to share some of our experiences with you.

One new feature is to show you patterns in different colors/effects for you to be creative with. Not just our household items but these can be applied to other areas of knitting as well.

We will have "Bonus Patterns" this year, a section dedicated to what you have said you like. If you haven't told us what you would like to see, share it with us.

Next update you will start seeing some photos of the patterns that will be included in the calendar. There will also be a "Kick Off" pattern to announce the calendar. It will be a free pattern to share with you. So be watching.......................

Janet Nogle

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