Friday, August 8, 2008

Update Update We Have Moved .....

Well after Black Friday I decided not to put all my apples in one barrel, so to speak. I have a new blog for the 2009 Knitting Calendar, you can find updated information at

I won't delete this blog. It will remain here for others who want to see what a "Knitting Calendar" should look like by checking out last year's calendar and some of the info from this year's calendar.

Thanks for your support.
Janet Nogle

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Calendar Update 7-30-08

Well it has almost been a week since I last updated our site. I have been rather busy on the formatting of our calendar and all the "behind the scenes" stuff. As I recieve the items for the calendar I will post the photos so you can see them. I don't know that we will be able to display every one of them but we sure are going to try to do that.

Also this week I thought I would show you how I imagine the cover will look. It may not end up "exactly" like this but it will be really close anyway.

OK, this week I will be showing one of Alli Barrett''s cloths. She has submitted two of them and we are always pleased to have any of her cloths, she is really a talented designer but you already knew that from all of the work on her website at: This design is called "Weave Me, Wash Me" cloth and is really pretty

Oh yes and I promised you a little peek at what the cover will look like, I tried to have a photo that explained what we do and who we are but it got cluttered looking and I decided just to show you what we do AND you get a tiny little peek at some of the other items that will be included in our calendar:

Have a good week.

Janet Nogle

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Calendar Update 7-22-08

WOW, I can't believe it was over a week ago since my last post. I am getting all of the patterns together and thinking of cute ways to show them off and this is going to be such an AWESOME calendar. We have so many nice patterns and items to share with you. Last year we had a "Bonus" segment where I had a few patterns that really weren't household items but one's I wanted to share with you. As it turned out it was something I was so glad I did because in that section I shared the pattern of headbands for men. My husband had a pony tail and he wanted me to come up with something for him and the guys he worked with to keep their hair out of their faces in the hot hot sun we have in Vegas. I didn't know it then but it was the last thing I made for him because he past away at the end of October last year.

I will share with you two items that will be in that section this year:

Little Toys, for Little Boys:

We all like to make things for our infants and grandchildren and this year Elaine Fitzpatrick joins our designer circle with two cloth and bib sets. One for boys and one for girls. This week I want to show you the one for our boys.

Elaine has done a real good job with putting little trucks on the cloth and bib.

This photo was quickly put together because I wanted you to see this set for this week.

Next week I will share another item that will be in our calendar.

We will also have a raffle of a Towel set done by Susan Mrenna. Susan has submitted patterns for our calendar from the very first year we developed it. Susan is very talented. She is one of those designers that continually give back to the knitting community in the form of free patterns. You can visit Susan at:

Here is one photo of the set she made for the raffle that you will hear more about at a later date:

Have a good week.

Janet Nogle

Monday, July 14, 2008

Calendar Update 7-14-08

I wanted to send out a little update on what is going on with the calendar so far. First off I am going to start showing some of the items that will be appearing in our calendar and talk about some of the give-aways you will be seeing.

The First image I will be showing you is a design by Lindy. Lindy has done some designs for our monthly KAL at and is VERY talented. Her design is called "Bluebonnets" and is a beautiful cloth.
We will be kicking off the calendar with a free cloth pattern, some yarn packets with some misc items (everything you will need to start working on the calendar patterns). We also will be raffling off some knitted items that I will talk about a little later.

Be watching this site for more information on our calendar, to include a new format.
Janet Nogle

Monday, June 23, 2008

Calendar for 2009 UPDATE

Hi Knitters....We are going to have ssssooooo much fun with the calendar this year. Some neat give-a-ways and some new packets from Peaches N Creme and nice opportunties for us to share some of our experiences with you.

One new feature is to show you patterns in different colors/effects for you to be creative with. Not just our household items but these can be applied to other areas of knitting as well.

We will have "Bonus Patterns" this year, a section dedicated to what you have said you like. If you haven't told us what you would like to see, share it with us.

Next update you will start seeing some photos of the patterns that will be included in the calendar. There will also be a "Kick Off" pattern to announce the calendar. It will be a free pattern to share with you. So be watching.......................

Janet Nogle

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

2009 Knitting Calendar

Knitting In Colors

Well this is just a note to tell everyone about another feature we are adding to the "Dishcloth Hangups For 2009".

We are providing more features and I announced last week one of them called "Knit It Or Knot" where we will be evaluating some yarns that we feel you would want to know about...performance, ease in knitting and construction of the yarn.

We also want to make available to you the sites of interest for Knitters and Crocheters. This would include sites on the Internet that have all the great free patterns. We often get requests for a particular pattern and adding this information will help you find what you are looking for and it will be in your calendar with your patterns so you have them together with all your other information. There are great aides for Knitters and tutorials on the Internet and we want you to utilize them.

More information about the calendar will be posted later, so visit this site often :)

Janet Nogle

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Update On 2009 Knitting Calendar

May is almost over and before you know it...Christmas will be here.

We are adding new features to our calendar for 2009 and I will be announcing them within the next few weeks.

The first one is one that most of us would love to have. It has to do with new yarns being introduced but not a whole lot of information about the yarn's performance. We don't want to spend money purchasing yarn, only to find out that it isn't the kind of yarn we wanted to use or it didn't work out for a particular item.

We will update the new items being added to our calendar periodically to keep you up to date and we have "give-aways" too. So check back often.