Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Calendar Update 7-30-08

Well it has almost been a week since I last updated our site. I have been rather busy on the formatting of our calendar and all the "behind the scenes" stuff. As I recieve the items for the calendar I will post the photos so you can see them. I don't know that we will be able to display every one of them but we sure are going to try to do that.

Also this week I thought I would show you how I imagine the cover will look. It may not end up "exactly" like this but it will be really close anyway.

OK, this week I will be showing one of Alli Barrett''s cloths. She has submitted two of them and we are always pleased to have any of her cloths, she is really a talented designer but you already knew that from all of the work on her website at: This design is called "Weave Me, Wash Me" cloth and is really pretty

Oh yes and I promised you a little peek at what the cover will look like, I tried to have a photo that explained what we do and who we are but it got cluttered looking and I decided just to show you what we do AND you get a tiny little peek at some of the other items that will be included in our calendar:

Have a good week.

Janet Nogle

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