Sunday, July 8, 2007

Calendar Update:

I am switching to another blog that is dedicated to the calendar only.

We have gotten back a lot of good feedback from the calendar we did for 2007 so some good changes are coming about for the Knitting Calendar for 2008. I will put more about that later, right now I am just establishing the new blog.

There will be a Knitting Calendar for 2008 and we have just about finalized the contributors for the calendar and have sent the contributors an email telling them they have been selected to participate for the calendar. We didn't really make anything off the calendar for 2007, our goal was to see if there was an interest in a knitting calendar for household patterns and WOW there was. The whole reason this came about was because of the lack of good calendars professionally done. Three of the knitting calendars I purchased for the last 3 years, each year thinking they would dedicate some space to the patterns our groups were interested in and about the only thing I could find plenty of in these calendars were shawls, scarfs and ponchos. Well you can wear so many of these items and couldn't believe that they totally saturated the markets with accessories most of us aren't that thrilled with anyway.

I couldn't believe the one calendar that has 365 patterns in it and only 14 patterns were directed to household items. I sent off a letter to them telling them I was very unhappy with them and although I have bought their calendar 3 years in a row I wouldn't buy anymore and told them they should have at least 50 patterns for the home...well they never responded and I had sent this prior to receiving the calendar for 2007 and when it arrived and I saw how few patterns were in there for the home I decided it was the last one of theirs I would buy, nor would I recommend to the groups on the Internet that I am involved with. They could have at least answered my concern about their product.

We will be doing one this year with larger print, which was a suggestion from quite a few people. It was hard to post all of the patterns we had and I needed to make the font pretty small to fit as many as I could in the calendar. We are looking into several different options to accommodate this change. So, "favoritize" this blog so you can check back often for more information.

Janet Nogle

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