Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Calendar Update

We now have all the contributors confirmed and as I share some photos, I will announce who they are, a little drama couldn't hurt :)

One of our contributor's has a website where her beautiful cloths are listed and I for one have purchased quite a few because of the unique stitches and borders that she incorporates in her cloths. Some of Sue's items can be found at:

Her "Summer Harvest" is shown to the left and will be listed in our 2008 Calendar.

Andi has several cloths that will be in our calendar this year. One design I love and think is adorable is her "Umberalla Cloth". Andi has dishcloth patterns and beautiful stitch markers that she makes. You can view her dishcloth patterns at:
Andi's stitch markers can be found at:
We are looking into various ways to deliver the calendars to everyone and maybe even more than one option will be offered. I hate to start telling everyone which way we are going to do this until right before they go on sale because best laid plans and all that stuff. I will notify everyone in the Calendar group and our Monthly Dishcloth group of any updates with this blog so everyone who wants to be in the loop receives the information. More photos will be available in a week or so on this site so everyone gets a little peek of what they can expect in the calendar for 2008.
Janet Nogle
Ebay yarn for sale:


Aunt Kathy said...

I wasn't around for calendars in previous years. I am looking forward to this one. Just learning how to design patterns myself I hope to some day be a contributor for future calendars.

I'll be watching for updates

wildflower38 said...

I'm looking forward to buying the new calendar when it comes out!