Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Calendar Update

As the deadline gets closer, we are all getting excited. My time has been taken up with nursing my husband back to health and working on the calendar so my emails got backed up a bit but I am catching up.

Some more photo's???? Yes I have a few more photo's to share with you but I have to tell you about this awesome lady friend of mine she volunteered to help out with doing the photos. Her name is Kay Gardiner and that name probably looks familiar to some of you, well it better look familiar to you. She is one of the author's of "Mason-Dixon Knitting" and very talented. We are fortunate to have her join us again. Her cloth will be featured next time.

This time we are showing a cloth by Susan Mrenna and Alli Barrett.

Susan has submitted an adorable little Elephant this time. She had several cloths last year and her work is always welcomed. You can visit Susan's blog at

The second cloth (above) is knitted in a pretty blue by Alli Barrett who is part owner of the awesome website Knitwits Heaven and you can visit the site at the following link:
They have all kinds of subjects available at very reasonable prices. This little kitty is called "Feline Fantasy" and will be part of their animal segment later in the summer of 2008 or in the calendar in the next month. You can also visit Alli's blog at
I will have more information listed here next week with a few more photo's and then it will be up for sale in September ssssooooo you will have to wait a longer for it to be available.
Janet Nogle

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