Monday, August 6, 2007

Calendar Update

Hi to everyone, I am adding another photo of a pattern that will be included in our Knitting Calendar due to go on sale in September of this year. This design reminded me of an afghan my mother made years ago for a friend of hers. She only crocheted but the shell and lace design she put together reminded me of this pattern. I have looked all over this house for that pattern of hers but can't find it anywhere.

The cover for the calendar is almost ready to "show off" to everyone. This year we are doing something different by showing all aspects of knitting in pictures to be placed on the cover and we are excited about it.

We are in the middle of making the decision about who will be hosting our calendar this year. We are making changes from last year and want to make sure whoever ends up supporting us will do a good job. As you may have quessed by now we are streamlining the calendar this year, using some of your suggestions from last year. I can't share a lot just yet, only because some of the items haven't been finalized yet. What I can tell you is we are getting quotes from some different sites about hosting our calendar and downloading it directly off the Internet instead of dealing with printers who want too much to put these together and calendars that the post office loses.

There will probably still be options for you to have them printed if you don't want to deal with it yourself or can't but it will probably cost more because of the fees involved. We are trying to keep the cost down for everyone. Last year as I think I have shared with you before, the contributors didn't really receive much for all their efforts and I need to make sure we have individuals who want to participate and make this fun for everyone too. There are several calendars for different crafts that have the photo's of the items on the calendar but the actual patterns are on inserts in the calendar. That option makes sense too because if you have the patterns on the calendars too, the printing has to be small to accommodate both and that was one thing a lot of people wanted changed this year. So we want to make sure the font isn't too small this year.

As soon as we have more information to share, I will forward to everyone. Next time...I will share with you what the calendar cover will look like.

Janet Nogle


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