Saturday, October 6, 2007

Calendar Update-October 6th

Hi guys, I just wanted to post a short message updating everyone on the progress of our Knitting Calendar. As an update on the number of raffles, it will now be 6 instead of 5 because the great folks at Signature Needle Arts have donated a beautiful pair of knitting needles, Size 7. I own a pair of these needles and absolutely love them! They are beautiful, you get to pick the type "Points" you want, the type of "caps" you want and the length. This photo shows you the pair we will be giving away.

I asked my grandkids if they would like to select the names for the raffle's and of course they thought that was sssuucchhh a privilege, but they wanted to do it all themselves, sssooooo they are sitting here right now cutting up names from my printout I gave them (pages and pages). They saved me all that work, they think it is cool. I lucked out there for sure.

Anyway, here is a photo of what they have done to date (not much), they have only been at it for a half hour so this is going to be a long day. So what will happen next is, the contributors have to sign off on the calendar, then I will upload it and find someone to test it to make sure it works like it should, then I will send out another update telling you it is ready. If you see a button on my site for ordering the calendar and I have not annouced it is ready, DO NOT select buying the calendar just yet, it means it is in a testing mode, I will send out another notice when it is ready for purchase, we are almost there :)

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