Saturday, October 20, 2007

UPDATE - UPDATE 10-20-07

Just a quick note to let everyone know some good news.

Andi Worthy has taken pity on all of us and has come to the rescue volunteering to help out with anyone who wants a hard copy of the calendar. The cost for the printed version is $22 and if you have not heard from me and I have not confirmed I will send you one, go to PayPal ( send $22 to ask her to send you a calendar/s and where to ship them. If you need additional info or have a question either Andi or myself can answer it. If you are unsure of where you fall, just send me a quick note and ask me for status on your request and I will clear it up for you. If you want two calendars, it will cost $44, three calendars is $66, etc

Janet Nogle

Andi Worthy

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