Monday, November 12, 2007

2008 Dishcloth Calendar UPDATE

I wanted to send an update to everyone who is interested in purchasing but who hasn't had a chance yet or those who know others that might be interested to have a download of our 2008 calendar. I am going to bring down the PayLoadz site currently housing our calendar on November 19th. We have had some maintenance issues with them and most of the people interested have already bought their copy.

You will still be able to receive the calendar by the following methods:

$16.00 For Dowloadable Copy Via Yahoo Group - go to PayPal site and "send money" to along with an email stating you have paid and you want to join the Yahoo group. We wanted to still have the calendar available for those that didn't want to pay the$22

$22.00 For Printed version of calendar - You can use the same process above and get an invitation to the Yahoo Group and receive a printed copy from Janet OR go to and Andi will send you a hard copy and set you up in the Yahoo Group. Andi has been a big help and it is just better with two people available to help everyone.

When will the Calendar no longer be available? We plan on having the Calendar available till December 14th, after that date you will only be able to receive the calendar via the Yahoo group ($16.00). We both need time off for our families for Christmas. Thank you for your support.


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