Saturday, October 20, 2007

UPDATE - UPDATE 10-20-07

Just a quick note to let everyone know some good news.

Andi Worthy has taken pity on all of us and has come to the rescue volunteering to help out with anyone who wants a hard copy of the calendar. The cost for the printed version is $22 and if you have not heard from me and I have not confirmed I will send you one, go to PayPal ( send $22 to ask her to send you a calendar/s and where to ship them. If you need additional info or have a question either Andi or myself can answer it. If you are unsure of where you fall, just send me a quick note and ask me for status on your request and I will clear it up for you. If you want two calendars, it will cost $44, three calendars is $66, etc

Janet Nogle

Andi Worthy

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Calendar Update

Well Wednesday is the big big day for our calendar. If you select the below link it will take you to paying for the calendar and complete the process. If you want more info about our calendar first, check out the info on this blog.

For those of you who have asked for a printed version I will go ahead and honor but I can't take anymore hardcopy requests. We have had a family emergency and I am spending most of my day at a hospital. I hate to do that to you guys and if there was any other way I wouldn't have brought it up but I don't want someone waiting a month to get a calendar because of what is going on in my family right now. Andi Worthy ( can help you with any issues if you can't get a response from me and for our friends outside the US, Alli Barrett ( can assist you. I apologize for the turn of events and again those I already commited to send one to and the raffle winners will receive their "hard" copy.

The designers have done such an awesome job and thanking them doesn't nearly say what is in my heart for these gals that continually give of themselves and have helped get this year's out to you so a million thanks to all of our contributors.

You will probably see a note about our calendar on all of our contributors websites. A special thanks to "Kay" for the awesome photos she did for us, to Flo at Peaches n Creme for the yarn contribution for our raffles and weekly drawings we will be having and for the folks at Signature Needlearts ( for the free pair of knitting needles.

Monday, October 15, 2007

UPDATE...Calendar Purchase

Hi folks...
Starting Wednesday (see previous post) you can boggie over here and purchase your calendar. My last post has instructions and additional info on the calendar.

Thanks for your support and if you need to contact me, just send an email to:

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Update - Raffle Winners 10-12-07

I have sent out an email to announce our raffle winners and the date that the calendar goes up for sale:

Hi all…well it has been tested and everything is a go for Wednesday October 17th. Paypal is finishing up a few minor details. The below link will get you there. You can use Paypal or any of the other standard credit cards to purchase. So starting on Wednesday you can purchase your calendar. The link is

The charge is $16 for a downloadable copy and $22 for a printed-delivered calendar. If you want a printed calendar, send me an email stating you are requesting a hard copy of the calendar, how many you want and the delivery address. After I receive your email I will send you an invoice for the total.

The hard copy can take up to 2 weeks (depending on the amount ordered). There will also be a group on Yahoo where the patterns can be found and if you want to be a part of that group, tell me so in an email, after you have purchased, andI will notify you when you have been added. This year’s calendar has 25 patterns, we needed to make it a manageable size. There are also some tips and with the freebies and positive changes made this year, I believe everyone will enjoy the calendar for 2008. Any corrections to the patterns will be listed in the yahoo group(2008dishclothcalendar) and on my calendar blog at:

Our first “freeby” is a beautiful pattern entitled “Gift Of Time” from Sue Schaefer and can be found at the Elmore-Pisgah (Peaches & Creme) website:

The second part of our “Give-Aways” are our 6 raffles. Five (5) lucky people will receive a calendar, Peaches & Crème yarn and some stitch markers. One (1) lucky individual will receive a calendar and pair of SignatureNeedlearts needles, size 7. The Lucky raffle winners for the calendar and yarn are:

The winners should contact me and give me their address ( . The lucky raffle winner for the Calendar and pair of Needles is:

Going forward, every week all the people who purchased a calendar for that particular week will be put in a drawing and one lucky person weekly, will win 3 skeins of yarn. Our first winner will be for the sales from October 17 – October 24th.

Thanks for your support and CONGRATULATIONS to all of our winners.

Janet Nogle
Calendar Site:
Personal Site:

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

testing testing 1, 2, 3

TESTING ONLY - do not order

Buy Now Text...TEST ONLY

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Calendar Update-October 6th

Hi guys, I just wanted to post a short message updating everyone on the progress of our Knitting Calendar. As an update on the number of raffles, it will now be 6 instead of 5 because the great folks at Signature Needle Arts have donated a beautiful pair of knitting needles, Size 7. I own a pair of these needles and absolutely love them! They are beautiful, you get to pick the type "Points" you want, the type of "caps" you want and the length. This photo shows you the pair we will be giving away.

I asked my grandkids if they would like to select the names for the raffle's and of course they thought that was sssuucchhh a privilege, but they wanted to do it all themselves, sssooooo they are sitting here right now cutting up names from my printout I gave them (pages and pages). They saved me all that work, they think it is cool. I lucked out there for sure.

Anyway, here is a photo of what they have done to date (not much), they have only been at it for a half hour so this is going to be a long day. So what will happen next is, the contributors have to sign off on the calendar, then I will upload it and find someone to test it to make sure it works like it should, then I will send out another update telling you it is ready. If you see a button on my site for ordering the calendar and I have not annouced it is ready, DO NOT select buying the calendar just yet, it means it is in a testing mode, I will send out another notice when it is ready for purchase, we are almost there :)